You’ve built an API, launched it, and people aren’t excited about it. Why might that be? Many people release APIs for public consumption without any regard for developer experience. This creates a developer ecosystem that invites failure or worse -- it can encourage people to seek alternatives. This talk will cover common API pitfalls (spoiler, not all of them are code-related!) and how to create an environment around your API that will make developers happy.


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Matt Trask at 13:05 on 10 Feb 2018

Tons of good information on how to make your API ten times better.

Trent Harvey at 13:47 on 10 Feb 2018

A fun talk by an easy going and personable speaker. Highlights important considerations that companies and developers frequently overlook when they design and build APIs.

Jeff Madsen at 11:58 on 11 Feb 2018

Smooth presentation and brought up a couple of points I hadn't thought of before.

I didn't think about lunch even once while she was presenting ;-)

James Lewis at 09:20 on 12 Feb 2018

Great talk. A lot of thoughtful information about building a great API.

Amanda gave a great talk that I could totally relate to. The style was relaxed, the examples were very pertinent, and the talk went smooth.

Lawrence Shea at 11:53 on 13 Feb 2018

interesting high level about selling your API... would have liked to discuss more about the code but still very good!

Omni Adams at 17:26 on 14 Feb 2018

It's like APIs aren't just about the code. Most of the APIs I interact with don't even get the technical parts right, this was more about the things surrounding the API that will detract from actually using the API. Things like onboarding and documentation are overlooked when you're making an internal API, and when you make it public they get forgotten.

Great talk.

I will consider the things learned here to be applied in my APIs