Increase your PHP skills and improve your architecture as you learn why, when, and how to use advanced PHP features. Abstracts, interfaces, traits, namespaces, and dependency injection will each be discussed with code examples to help make using them simple. All these features will then be brought together to demonstrate clean coding. This will be a perfect presentation to help you sharpen your skill-set to include these tools to make your code even more clean, structured, and awesome!


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Matt Trask at 15:13 on 9 Feb 2018

Information was super informative, but the delivery was a little terse. Perhaps relaxing, and moving around a bit would make the presentation a little more light.

Michelle at 11:42 on 10 Feb 2018

I thought this was delivered well and organized. I enjoyed the when other attendees contributed their examples and thoughts. I also have never used traits or knew much about them and this helped.

Pablo Benitez at 14:46 on 10 Feb 2018

Great information, a lot of stuff I did not know so it was great stuff.

Great information. The delivery was friendly, but moving around a bit might improve things a bit. "Object Oriented PHP" might have served as a more accurate title. Fantastic talk!

Scott Hardie at 18:03 on 11 Feb 2018

Very helpful overview. This is the kind of skills-fortification presentation that should be a major part of any conference like this, and it's appreciated. I do wish there were more real-world code examples demonstrating the concepts, rather than generic "class X extends Y" or "class Tail extends Dog" kinds of examples, because seeing real code makes the advantages so much clearer.

david abraham at 10:39 on 12 Feb 2018

Learned alot, would have liked to see some real world examples of when to use different options