Heard a lot about docker but not sure where to start? In this presentation we will go over the simplest ways to convert your development environment over to a docker stack, including support for full acceptance testing with Selenium. We’ll then go over how to modify the stack to mimic your production/pre-production environment(s) as closely as possible, and demystify working with the containers in the stack.


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Great overview and explanations of the commands. While risky, it'd be cool to demo the commands a little more. This might would help bring the overview to life.

Omni Adams at 16:59 on 14 Feb 2018

I have pretty much the same criticism of all of the Docker talks that I've seen: they go from zero to getting your local development environment set up with a bunch of Docker containers. That's a huge step forward for getting your team to at least all have the same dev setup. My current team is mostly Windows machines with a couple of Macs, so that alone is a big step forward. But I haven't seen any talks about taking the next step, getting your containers up as a staging environment on through to production. That being said, getting your environment into production clearly isn't what your talk was meant to be about, but that might be a great next talk!

As for what you *actually* talked about, the thought of including containers running headless Firefox for Selenium testing sounds like something I want to add to my workflow. The only real issue I had was that the fonts were hard to see near the back of that long skinny room.