There are many types of databases and data analysis tools from which to choose today. Should you use a relational database? How about a key-value store? Maybe a document database? Or is a graph database the right fit for your project? What about polyglot persistence? Help! Applying principles from Domain-Driven Design such as strategic design and bounded contexts, this session will help you choose and apply the right data layer for your application's model or models. We'll explore traditional relational databases, graph databases, document databases, key/value stores, polyglot persistence, CQRS, event sourcing, and data layers for microservices.


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Very well explained
Just technically high enough

Dana Luther at 18:20 on 9 Feb 2018

I found the explanations of why you might choose difference storage mechanisms based on the needs of the particular application component very compelling. I wish there had been time to dive into some specifics of how integrating such disparate implementations might work.

Andres Orav at 08:24 on 10 Feb 2018

Great DDD talk!

It was really nice being able to see at a high level the benefits of using different databases. I think I will actually need a document database. Right now I'm shoehorning the data into my relational setup and it may simplify a lot of complications to just put that data off into an engine meant to parse it. Something I never would have known to look for without this talk! Thanks!

Lawrence Shea at 11:49 on 13 Feb 2018

very informative, and I learned more from the brief bit at the end about the more advanced implementations than i expected to learn at the entire conference!

Chad Grigsby at 19:24 on 1 Mar 2018

Great info. I’ll be sharing this with our team.