Scope is a major factor in any application, from programing scope to project scope, and communication is key. We will discuss different application scopes including global, functional, class, and package scope. We'll demonstrate how namespaces fit into the scope and how everything ties together with communication of the project itself.


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Alena gave a well-prepared talk with good supporting code examples and stepped through how scoping works in PHP. Coming into the talk I thought the talk was about project scope, but I should have read the abstract to verify. It was a good refresher talk and worth the time attending. Alena keeps the audience engaged, keeps a good pace, and demonstrates great knowledge and application.

Omni Adams at 17:19 on 14 Feb 2018

Lively talk about the different scopes in PHP. Would be extremely helpful for people coming from languages with different scoping techniques. Some of the examples were hard to follow. Maybe color code the variables for the different scope levels? Also, bigger fonts would help. Especially if anyone was silly enough to sit in the middle section of that strangely laid out room.

The slide of Chrises was fun.