MySQL 5.7 has been the most popular release but there are architectural and design issues that have caused issues for years. Version 8 is now available for testing and the biggest change is a true data dictionary (no more metadata in files) which means you can now have millions of tables in a schema (the bad news is that you can now have millions of tables in a schema). Plus there are roles, UTF8MB4 support, Invisible Indexes, are more to make your life better. Plus learn what happened to MySQL 6 and 7!


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Sonny Savage at 12:10 on 9 Feb 2018

It made me excited for MySQL 8!

Dana Luther at 21:20 on 9 Feb 2018

Very informative - I can’t wait to try out the new shell.

Andres Orav at 08:20 on 10 Feb 2018

Nice overview of the MySQL 8! I hope that some of these great features will be backported to 5.7 :)

Good overview of what's coming in MySQL 8. Would have liked to see a few more slides focusing on the SQL or resulting data set examples.

Fantastic information about MySQL 8 - I'm especially a fan of the new MySQL shell! I think the pace was a little off, but over all great information about the new features.

So much great work going on at MySQL! Thank you for great talk.

Scott Hardie at 17:38 on 11 Feb 2018

I'm really excited to use some of these new features! This is great stuff and I appreciate the walkthrough. My only request would be to see examples of query results affected by the new features, as further illustration.