Full stack frameworks can often be too much for an application. What if you have a one off project that doesn't need "everything and the kitchen sink"? What if you have a large project you want to build yourself to be as lean as possible?

Join us for an introduction into the Slim framework. We'll cover getting started, building a small application, and using components from bigger frameworks and other extraordinary sources.


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Trent Harvey at 11:05 on 10 Feb 2018

Even as an experienced Slim user, it was great to see a Slim expert do a dive into Slim and demonstrate in a real-code way how to get the most out of Slim.

Very thorough. And I like that you’re a bitcoin fan. :-)

Matt Trask at 11:32 on 10 Feb 2018

Great talk, tons of good information. and gave good ideas for ways to avoid framework bloat and getting things out of the door.

Great intro to Slim! I liked how easy it is to swap in components as you need them. Your explanation and code examples were very clear and easy to follow. Good pacing for the talk as well!

Joshua Sampia at 12:58 on 10 Feb 2018

I have loved your DevOps talks and you can tell that one is really refined. I appreciate you telling us this was your first time doing this talk. I think your speaking style and everything was perfect. The content in my opinion was a little overwhelming. I thought there was more focus on what types of modules you can import (which is great) instead of what Slim is actually doing. Maybe focus more on the request and response aspect of it and how you can incorporate middleware, what routes are, and how to use routes effectively (like wildcards, patterns, etc...) I'll admit I got lost in the weeds a little bit but otherwise it's a great topic and with it being so open to incorporating different components it makes hard to focus. Finishing on a positive note, that is a feature of Slim that I like, that it is so extensible and everyone's use cases are so wildly different for it. Great job at condensing as much knowledge into a 50-60 minute talk as you could.

Jeremy Hennig at 14:16 on 12 Feb 2018

Gave a great walk though of simple but common tasks. Time was well managed.
Really liked the symfony/console bit which added that little "extra" to the talk.