People perceive, operate, and understand web content in different ways. Is your site robust enough to give equal access to all visitors? Find out in this intro to web accessibility. Learn how to spot common barriers to access and how to fix them.


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Scott Hardie at 17:04 on 11 Feb 2018

Great presentation! It's too bad that this talk and your tutorial came before Nic's keynote speech about the importance of accessibility, because that would have laid the groundwork for your deep dive into the topic. Still, this talk was thorough, specific, clear, and helpful. Thank you!

Nic Steenhout at 12:03 on 12 Feb 2018

It's always interesting to attend a presentation on a topic you know a fair bit about. I loved Andrea's approach and style. Thank you!

Omni Adams at 17:06 on 14 Feb 2018

A bit of overlap with the tutorial, but less than expected. Watching you interact with captchas was disheartening. I hate them as a sighted user, but seeing how terrible they are for people using screenreaders make me hate them even more.

Since seeing your talks I've actually tried to go an entire workday without touching my mouse. Even as a keyboard-shortcut fan and Vim user, lots of sites made that very difficult. Mine won't be one of them.

Great presentation and practical examples