One of the first challenges of moving your workloads to the Cloud is figuring out which three major flavors of computing technology to use: virtual machines, containers, or what is being called serverless. Each of these tools has its niche, its hype, and its downside. This session will tour application scenarios, discuss how each technology would handle them, consider the tradeoffs, and leave you with recommendations for which one to pick.


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Good talk on comparison of different approaches. The comparison could benefit strongly from discussion around long running vs short running processes and the appropriateness of serverless approaches in stateful vs stateless applications.

Sonny Savage at 15:02 on 13 Feb 2018

Great information! I liked the compare/contrast of the three virtualized computing technologies.

Omni Adams at 17:34 on 14 Feb 2018

Comparing and contrasting the different styles of "cloud" was interesting. Rarely do I get involved in the discussions of which stack to use, but seeing why each might be better for my particular use case was interesting. Especially since you explicitly said that your company's offering might not be right for everyone; that makes the rest of the advice seem all the more trustworthy.