This session teaches you how to detect and debug PHP scripts with the open source tool Xdebug, focusing on the new features in Xdebug 2.5 and 2.6.

The first part will quickly show how to get started with Xdebug. The second part of the session will cover detecting problems in your scripts by showing how Xdebug provides debugging aides in the form of stack/function traces, dumps of variables, modified PHP functions. In the last part I will show the remote debugger capabilities of Xdebug with different IDEs, where you can: set breakpoints on functions, methods and file/line combinations and evaluating error messages. On top of this you will also see how you can use Xdebug's profiler to find bottlenecks in your applications. I will be focusing on the least known features of Xdebug.


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Derick gave an excellent talk on xdebug, even through a fire alarm. He covered important information on setting up xdebug (which is half the battle), how to use it, profiling, code coverage, and other areas of xdebug that I didn't even know existed. Great technical talk with good code examples and screen shots. Great talk.

Joshua Sampia at 10:12 on 10 Feb 2018

Who can forget the worst fire alarm in the world and you rolled right with it. You can't get much better than going to a talk by the developer responsible for creating the content.

Pablo Benitez at 14:48 on 10 Feb 2018

Its awesome to meet in person the creator of the widely use and useful xdebug. Great insights and useful tips shared. Really enjoyed it and can apply to my daily job.

I've used Xdebug for many years now. That said, I learned things in this talk. Friendly, well organized, and clearly delivered. It's a treat to have Derick available to give this talk and answer questions.

Scott Hardie at 17:44 on 11 Feb 2018

This was great! I appreciated that you introduced xdebug first, since there were undoubtedly still a few neophytes among the many longtime users in attendance. You even cracked wise about the obviously false fire alarm and kept right on going. Bravo!

Derick gave an excellent deep dive into Xdebug. He covered the basic, showed live examples with PhpStorm, and introduced me to features I had not used yet. Great technical talk.