A common problem we face as web developers is providing a good user experience while running a time-consuming process. A great solution to this problem is background jobs, to run in a queue and let users continue with the flow of the app. Popular PHP frameworks have built-in solutions for this, but what if we needed to implement a queue in plain old PHP or an application we hobbled together using components? This talk will show you how to set up a queue system that’s perfect for any PHP application, using tools already available in the language. No frameworks or packages required!


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Travis Fettig at 05:04 on 11 Feb 2019

I very much applaud the speaker for stepping up and presenting at the last minute. The talk itself needs a few more iterations for polish and refinement. There is a good seed here that needs time to grow. A critical mentor that can positively nitpick could turn it into a really good presentation.

Carla Gouveia at 09:23 on 11 Feb 2019

Awesome talk, many useful and real code examples. Loved it!

Bill Yanelli at 16:48 on 13 Feb 2019

I loved how this talk demystified the concept of queues and queue workers. Doug took us through a basic but usable implementation in a very short time. I doubt, e.g., Laravel developers will want to switch to using custom code for job queues, but it may be helpful for people who aren't using a framework yet. Even for people who are, reading the simplified code for Doug's implementation would probably be a great start for diving into the internals of something like Laravel Horizon or Pheanstalk. Exercises like this can help us build our knowledge and confidence level about the tools we use.