Vue.js is gaining popularity for its clean api, easy to read docs and solid ecosystem. Let's dive in and build a simple SPA with Vue, Vue-router, Vue-resource and Vuex and look at the different moving parts of a Vue.js SPA. We will also look at some the new ES6 features out in the wild that you can use to write clean JS!


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Holy crap that was a lot of information in a hour. I liked the talk, but I got me no closer to "getting started". I would have loved some smaller hands-on examples to "get started".

Sonny Savage at 09:07 on 11 Feb 2019

An incredible amount of information.

Miro Svrtan at 10:17 on 11 Feb 2019

I usually skip talks before mine and ones just after as I need to prepare and cool off but decided to go for this one. As I played a bit with Vue in the past and wanted to learn more.

I think that it was a good comic relief effort from the speaker, something that is always needed as conference is coming to the end and everyone is very tired, but I still expected to learn more than the overview of the different modules you can bring on...

I thought the talk was really well done. As someone who has been poking around Vue for a little bit, this talk increased the scope of what I knew, without getting too deep into it. It was nice because now I have new avenues to explore at my own pace. Had we dug into code and done a follow-along, I wouldn't have gotten as much benefit.

My only suggestion would be to more clearly communicate the target audience.