Want to build software that is more testable, easier to modify, and has fewer lines of code? Architecting with more immutable objects that are always in a valid state is the most important lesson I have learned in building better software applications. Using immutable value objects will lead to less checking, fewer bugs, more DRY code, and help avoid the “spooky action at a distance” problem in PHP. We will also learn how to use immutable objects and immutable collections to improve design of our mutable entities. Lastly, we’ll see how immutable objects and functional programming can reduce complexity.


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Best talk of the conference!

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Viktor Espina at 00:00 on 12 Feb 2019

All of the PHP in this talk was excellent. But there was only 10-15 minutes worth of PHP and the other 45 minutes was beer brewing. This should have been a lightning talk with the beer removed.