Nearly ever app has an API. The next step is "scale". But what you really mean is speed - Ludicrous Speed. Let's explore a super fast API with native PHP (no frameworks) running atop nginx, and using Redis as our runtime database. We'll take a peak at how underneath this may be a traditional PHP application. Yet, on the surface it's a high-performance, horizontally scalable API.


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Really helpful Session. Great information about how to improve User Experience on our Sites. Hope to apply the things I learned in my own projects. Thanks

Ravi Gehlot at 12:01 on 10 Feb 2019

Jason did it yet again! This talk was awesome! He really got me engaged on this one. It was both fun and informational. I say informational because I already do most of what he went over on his talk. Thanks again, Jason!

Sonny Savage at 08:54 on 11 Feb 2019

This talk gave me ideas for improving the performance of my application. Thanks!

Bill Yanelli at 16:26 on 13 Feb 2019

This was a fun, breezy talk that delivered on the promise of ludicrous speed. I previously knew nothing about Russian doll caching, but it's a powerful concept for thinking about how information is collected and re-transmitted at different "levels" of your app (internal, Web server, gateway, client, etc). I enjoyed Jason's risky foray into live coding, especially when we got to watch the "siege" utility effectively DDoS his laptop. It was also a good showcase for the power of nginx (even if that power comes at the price of cryptic config files). Thanks!