Progressive Web Apps are an emerging approach to solving the problem of having the Web, everywhere: different mobile devices, IoT devices, and areas with low bandwidth or poor connectivity. For developers accustomed to PHP and server-side rendering, there are several factors to consider.

Drawing on our experiences working with Google to build a PWA development experience for Magento, this talk introduces the elements of PWA, the challenges of providing online+offline functionality, and the limitations of this nascent approach.


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Chris Gearhart at 15:55 on 8 Feb 2019

Good job speaking, would have liked to see more examples and more connection to php.

This talk ended up not being what I expected at all (maybe I should have read the description here first.) The initial “there is no PHP in this talk” was unfortunately accurate, and it took a while to get to expanding the PWA/TNGT acronyms, and to making it clear that this is focused on mobile.

Ben seems knowledgeable and interested, but the presentation itself seems conflicted about who the audience is.

Michael Price at 13:37 on 9 Feb 2019

Pretty good insight on getting started with PWA's. Was looking for more of a connection where php and PWA's come together. Maybe dive into Magento's PWA studio a bit.

Peter Fisher at 20:21 on 10 Feb 2019

This talk was a good overview of PWAs but it didn't have many connections to PHP. Perhaps include more detail on how PHP projects (Magento's PWA studio) is built and how it is used as with PWAs.

Ben is a confident speaker and certanly showed great knowledge, I just think the target was off a bit.