Create beautiful RESTful APIs designed to meet your customers needs while also being agile enough to meet the demands of ever changing platforms and businesses. Along with learning about the different types of API formats, you’ll learn how to take a user first approach, take advantage of modern design techniques, and leave with a strong understanding of API design and development – including HATEOAS/ hypermedia usage.


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Eric Morris at 11:05 on 8 Feb 2019

Mr. Stowe is very knowledgeable about REST API concept. I loved the RAML interface to develop an API specification. I learned quite a bit about API concepts in general and REST APIs specifically.

Parth K at 15:45 on 8 Feb 2019

Good tutorial and Mr Stowe and his presentation skills are top notch. Just one thing and that is his speed of talking. A little slower and would have been perfect.

Adrian Burden at 10:09 on 9 Feb 2019

Lots of energy and some great tips to take back to my team