Uncon Talk


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Rated 5

terry chay at 12:11 on 10 Feb 2019

Absolute dumpster fire. Five stars!

Rated 5

Matt Trask at 12:13 on 10 Feb 2019

Who thought this was a good idea? Easily five stars

Rated 5

Kat Zien at 22:22 on 10 Feb 2019

I'm not gonna lie, moments like this is why I love attending conferences! An honest demonstration of camaraderie in the PHP community.

Rated 5

Cody Covey at 11:02 on 11 Feb 2019

This was simultaneously the best and worst "talk" of the event. I definitely related to this!

Rated 5

Jeremy Mikola at 17:46 on 19 Feb 2019

Nicolas Cage also gave this five thumbs up.