Swoole is an event-driven asynchronous and concurrent networking communication engine for writing high-performance HTTP and WebSocket services in PHP. It changes the way how we write and build PHP applications like before. With supports of coroutine (like goroutine in Go), non-blocking IO, connection pool, and many more, we can build better scalable and fast web applications. In this talk, I will dig into the latest changes and technical details in Swoole 4 to demonstrate how it breaks the limit of PHP, using a variety of examples.


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It was a fascinating talk now I am interested in trying to integrate swoole for coroutine processing on things we do with our web product that could use a multi process type approach.

Dana Luther at 11:50 on 10 Feb 2019

For someone with no background in Go or Coroutines, I found this presentation very enlightening as to the way they are processed and how it determines the sequence of events. I missed the very beginning, so I have lingering questions about how to start implementing it, but that just gives me research goals ;) I was impressed by how straight forward it seemed to be to apply to a legacy function. I am very excited to try Swoole!

Brian Johnson at 17:39 on 10 Feb 2019

Great intro to Swoole. Easy to understand examples. I already have some ideas for how I can use this soon.

Peter Fisher at 20:28 on 10 Feb 2019

The examples really helped. I can't say I will use Swoole yet but I am glad that I am aware of it.

Jeremy Mikola at 17:45 on 19 Feb 2019

Demin did a great job conveying what could easily have been hard-to-digest material in a well structured and concise presentation. He reinforced appropriate use cases for the framework, which was appreciated in some Twitter conversation surrounding the talk. Additionally, he was able to dive into some internal topics both during his presentation and in the Q&A to follow, which demonstrated a solid understanding of the subject.