The MySQL Document Store is a JSON based NoSQL database does not require the use of Structured Query Language (SQL) to interact with the database. No more embedding ugly strings of SQL in your beautiful PHP code. The new API calls (via the MySQL X Devapi PECL extension) follow modern programming design for all the CRUD functions of the document store. Each document has a payload of 1GB (compared to MongoDB's 16mb) and runs on proven, reliable MySQL technology. And if you have older relational data, the MySQL Document Store lets you access them plus the new document store data at the same time. This is a hands on workshop (please load MySQL 8 on your laptop!) for those wishing to switch over to the MySQL Document Store with plenty of programming examples.


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Eric Morris at 11:01 on 8 Feb 2019

Mr. Stokes had a lot of useful information about MySQL 8.0, and was able to answer every deep-dive question. The Document Store feature is very intriguing and I look forward to exploring it.

Stephen Rees at 12:12 on 8 Feb 2019

Great speaker, good content!

While Mr. Stokes seems competent in regards to MySQL his presentation was let down by lack of structure and presentation discipline. Too many technical difficulties and the lack of functional presentation material was a cause for much confusion.