Congratulations! By attending SunshinePHP, you are now a full-fledged member of the PHP community. Your attendee badge is your membership card, proving your acceptance into this global society. My goal is to make that seem exciting instead of intimidating, especially if this is your first PHP conference (or perhaps even your first tech conference altogether!). But even if you’ve attended SunshinePHP before, there is probably more you can get out of the conference and give back to the community.

The theme of this talk is leveling up: approaching membership in the PHP community to a degree that's appropriate for you based on your prior involvement. If this is your first conference, you'll learn how to get the most out of it, including navigating the talk schedule, the official and unofficial after-hours events, and how to keep in touch with the people you meet afterwards. We’ll also discuss the importance of giving feedback on the sessions you attend using and review best practices for how to write constructive comments. If you've been here before and/or are already a regular attendee at your local meetup, I'll go over how to deepen your involvement, including how best to support your user group, take a more active role in the conference scene, and start making tiny but meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem. Finally, for the longtime members looking to make a lasting impact in the community, I’ll go over the highest tier of community contributions, which includes running a user group, technical blogging, contributing to open source, and speaking at meetups and conferences — and why the latter isn’t nearly as scary as you might think, even if you're a shy introvert like me!


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I am a huge introvert and this talk made me feel so comfortable. I am essentially the same person as the speaker so it's good to know my anxiety for this conference is a normal thing and I can be a member of the community even tho I'm weird!

Cal Evans at 10:34 on 9 Feb 2019

I have been a member of two tech communities in my career and a member of the PHP community for more than 15 years. With all of that, I still took away several good points from this talk that I will be trying to implement int he future.

Eric Morris at 11:11 on 9 Feb 2019

In general I am an introvert. I'm also shy, like Nara, in situations with strangers, but I will admit over the years I've become less so. In any case, I can totally relate to Nara about public speaking. She had many pertinent insights, and very good suggestions about getting involved. I'm still at 'Level 1'. Another speaker and friend here this weekend thinks I should jump to level 3 for next year. We'll see... Thanks for the insights!

Great talk! I thought it was very inspirational!

Brian Johnson at 17:37 on 10 Feb 2019

????? I really liked it.

Seriously, though, I liked that the talk acknowledged things that a lot of people in the audience likely could identify with. And, gave good examples of actions they could take right away at the conference.

Peter Fisher at 20:36 on 10 Feb 2019

Inspirational talk. Thank you.
On some of the slides the borders around the text were skewed. I know this was the style but on some slides it didn't look right. Perhaps I have mild OCD or something but I wanted to straighten up your textboxes.

Kat Zien at 21:38 on 10 Feb 2019

This talk resonated with me, I could tell a very similar story of how I got into computers and speaking! It was well prepared and well delivered, with a clear structure which was easy to follow. I liked the retro style on slides too. Nara made some important points and gave plenty of advice and encouragement to all members of the PHP community with an occasional humorous remark which kept me engaged. My only bit of advice would be to smile more when delivering the talk :)

Matt Trask at 08:53 on 11 Feb 2019

This was a great talk with tons of actionable materials for people to take away.

I'd highly recommend other conferences pick this one up.

Carla Gouveia at 09:20 on 11 Feb 2019

I loved this talk, super beneficial and for sure can help bring more introverted people like me into the community.

Bill Yanelli at 15:00 on 13 Feb 2019

I got a lot out of this talk. I can relate to Nara as someone who is in the process of joining the PHP community and wants to get more involved. In particular, her insight that (as an introvert) you get more out of conferences by speaking than by "just" attending really impressed me. Also very useful was the two-axis graph of introvert vs. extrovert and outgoing vs. shy. I personally am more of the classic "shy introvert" but it's interesting to know other permutations exist. Navigating dev team relationships isn't always the easiest for me either, and I liked Nara's concepts to tackle this, such as the "feedback sandwich." One of the better non-technical conference talks I've seen.

David Bisset at 08:58 on 17 Feb 2019

Well done. Thought it covered all the community aspects well and I even mentioned it on my talk on the next day.