Searching based on a user's location is a feature of many websites and applications. This type of search can add relevancy and value to a website, especially when these results can include distance from a point, within a rectangle or other shape, combined with fast text searches. In this talk we'll take an in depth look at how Elasticsearch supports geosearching. We'll look at the different types of location searches and how to integrate them into your PHP application. By the end of this talk you will be able to add awesomely relevant location based searches that will impress your users.


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Dana Luther at 11:23 on 8 Feb 2020

This was the first time it finally clicked for me how reasonable it would be to start implementing elasticsearch into our technology stack. Very excited to start working with it and will definitely be referring back to the information presented here as I do so!
Few issues with the live code - but that’s always an adventure ;)

Chris Adams at 11:38 on 8 Feb 2020

A solid overview of capabilities of Elastic Search. It would be a great fit for my company: difficult to sell this concept. I did learn quite a bit and a few important search concepts.

The talk was on the dry side, and technical problems kind of derailed it a little bit.

I find that a powerpoint with happy path code can work very well in a 1 hour talk: we are not trying to write code, just get an introduction into capabilities. Plus it can be spiced up with hilarious memes!

Great presentation, just needs to be more dynamic.