The rise of Node.js has many developers interested in asynchronous web application development, as it allows offloading heavy processes in order to provide snappy responses to clients. How can you achieve this in PHP, particularly with middleware architectures? Swoole, AMP, and ReactPHP each provide PHP with async operations, but which should you choose? In this session, we'll learn about each, but also cover how to code your middleware, handlers, and their dependencies so that they play well in an async environment, allowing you to leverage its scaling and performance benefits.


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Matthew did a great job walking through what middleware is and how to use Swoole for incorporating async into middleware. Extremely knowledgeable and insightful into making complex code simple to understand. Great talk!

Katy Ereira at 14:24 on 8 Feb 2020

Really useful insights. I loved how you described all the pitfalls and potential solutions!

Excellent talk and really dug deep to point out the use cases and value propositions running an event loop can have. It's good to get PHP devs thinking about state and persistence. God knows the shared nothing architecture covers a multitude of state management sins. More of us should be aware of where to put stateful vs stateless behavior and Async / Event Loop really forces the issue.