Most of the PHP that still exists today was written long ago by developers lost to the sands of time. It was written in an era where we didn't have the tools we do today such as Composer, type safety, unit testing, and code standards. Even code that was written recently frequently ignores best practices in order to "get things done". You've been tasked with maintaining a legacy application and would like to modernize it, but the powers that be won't let you rewrite it. This talk will discuss strategies for bringing ancient codebases into the modern age piece-by-piece.


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Dana Luther at 01:19 on 8 Feb 2020

This was a great roadmap to follow for refactoring code that many “new” developers wouldn’t even know how to recognize otherwise - true legacy software. The strategies were on point.

Omni did a great job bringing humor, personality, and perspective into refactoring pieces off a large application. His preparation showed, and the talk flowed smoothly. The pace was good, the content was relevant, the technical depth was just right, and the delivery was very enjoyable. He was brutally honest that refactoring is really hard, but provided excellent tips and shared wisdom to making the process successful. Great talk!

Joshua Sampia at 09:51 on 9 Feb 2020

I always appreciate someone showing off their own old work and how they went about fixing it. There was a lot of information packed into a short talk and you provided the right tools and pathways to explore more afterwards, exactly what I would like in a talk of this magnitude.

Angel Ramirez at 19:33 on 12 Feb 2020

The title caught my attention, but it was a lot better than expected! You hit all the points when it comes to breaking a monolith a part well done.
Great Humor!