Redis is a key-value store that has carved out a role for itself as a data structure server. If you're using it only for caching simple values, you're tapping a mere fraction of its power. This presentation provides an introduction to Redis and the Predis client library for it as well as related data structures that Redis supports and when it's best to use them. No computer science background is necessary; data structures are presented in understandable terms with practical examples.


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Useful information

Omni Adams at 13:33 on 8 Feb 2020

Great information and examples.

The font size needs to be bigger for the people in the back though.

Katy Ereira at 14:26 on 8 Feb 2020

Thank you for sharing your insight with us, Matthew. :) For a technical topic, it wasn't too dry.

Echoing the comment about using larger font and/or smaller amounts of code per slide, it was quite difficult to see sitting right at the back!

James Lewis at 16:23 on 8 Feb 2020

Really great talk. I have been using Redis for over a few years and learn a lot of new features about it in this talk. A ton of wonderful information.

I did have an issue seeing all the code examples due to font size but I was also in the back.

Dana Luther at 07:15 on 9 Feb 2020

This was a great explanation of all the data types and why/how you would use each- I learned a LOT from that (always wanted to go further with redis but so many commands make it hard to figure out where to start when you don’t really grok the data types first). The story arc really helped keep it engaging.

it would have been easier to follow the specific commands if the fonts on the code samples were larger, but you did a great job of verbally explaining them, so even if I missed the details I got the gist and can refer back to the slides later.

Joshua Sampia at 09:58 on 9 Feb 2020

Obviously from the crowd this was a topic that a lot of people care about and want to know more. The story did help to follow along with the different examples. I must say though that it did feel a bit rushed. Maybe spend an extra minute on the more complex commands. Or provide other use cases.

TJ Draper at 12:58 on 9 Feb 2020

Very knowledgeable about Redis, funny, and engaging.

Miril Terolli at 19:32 on 9 Feb 2020

Definitely a great talk, thanks Matt!