It's hard to believe that it's been a mere four years since the release of PHP 7.0 which took a phenomenal leap forward in both performance and type safety. Now, with the release of 7.4 just weeks behind us, the work on PHP 8.0 is already well underway promising even better performance and an exciting array of new functionality to make writing applications in the web's favorite language easier, safer, and more robust. This session will explore what's new in PHP, why it matters to every website, and peek into the future as we start to explore what's great, about eight.


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Great iterative overview of new features and improvements from 7.0 up through 8.0. Wait until 7.4.3 to use preloading!

Dana Luther at 01:21 on 8 Feb 2020

Spaceship operators finally make sense to me now (not that I have a use case for them yet) as do WeakRefs, so this talk was a huge win for me,

TJ Draper at 09:05 on 8 Feb 2020

Great overview of where PHP has been, where it's going, what's coming and more. And lots of humor. So much fun!

Sara's technical deep knowledge shined on this talk! The talk was enjoyable with some good humor sprinkled in, the content and topics covered were taught in a clear and understandable way, the code examples made the learning much easier, and her internals insights were intriguing to hear. Excellent talk!

I love hearing Sara talk about anything. She's absolutely brilliant and her command of the stage, content, humor, and pace of the talk was exceptional. I would listen to her talk about anything at this point!

Angel Ramirez at 19:36 on 12 Feb 2020

Great talk, fantastic speaker, and excellent content .....drop the mic!