Closing remarks, some history, and personal trials that lead people to accomplish things and strive for quality in "normal" things.


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TJ Draper at 13:02 on 9 Feb 2020

Great conference, Adam! love it immensely! Keep up the good work.

Miril Terolli at 19:36 on 9 Feb 2020

Thank you Adam! Hope to see you soon again!

Fantastic closing remarks about an incredible conference! Adam showed his passion for putting on SunshinePHP, and his attention to detail and planning showed. The subject was inspiring to get things done in the PHP community. Thank you Adam!

Angel Ramirez at 19:31 on 12 Feb 2020

A very inspiring talk! Thank you Adam!
It was perfect, and that was without having a prepared closing argument ;)... what if you had?