In this speaker workshop, we will start with the basics of getting up and speaking. In each section from the introductions to the formal workshop at the end, there will be exercises involving the participants to help them be successful when applying the techniques. With advice ranging from how to project your voice properly to how to prepare for failure of your most critical demos and exercises ranging from how to breath properly to how to dodge nasty questions, there's something in here for anyone whether they have never given a talk or they are a seasoned professional speaker.


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Dave Stokes at 13:55 on 6 Feb 2020

Fantastic advice

Katy Ereira at 08:23 on 7 Feb 2020

Thank you Josh - I feel that I have improved my talk thanks to your tips, and hopefully it will reflect well today! :D

James Lewis at 13:32 on 8 Feb 2020

Amazing talk. I learned a lot. Completely changed the way I think about writing/giving a talk. Thank you very much!