If you are not writing tests yet, you should start. Tests will improve the quality of your code, reduce bugs and probably force you to think more about design and quality. Actually, the hardest thing is to start and figure out which type of tests to write. So you start researching and you find a lot of different materials and get even more confused. Even when you decide what type of tests to use, it can be hard to decide how to test some specific logic in your app. Don't give up! We have some tips we learned along the way that will hopefully make your life easier. In this talk, you will hear about different test types and when to use them. We'll also show some tools for checking the quality of your test. See you in Miami! :)


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William Raines at 11:08 on 7 Feb 2020

Good info on testing methods.

Speaker used mostly videos to show some hands-on of tools, and some people had specific questions on those, but it was hard to go back and show things more slowly since only videos were used.
Overall, great talk!

Chris Adams at 11:11 on 7 Feb 2020

Very good, she covered a lot of material. Even as an experienced tester I learned a lot!

Derek Binkley at 11:16 on 7 Feb 2020

This was a great talk that introduced some new methods of API testing and reinforced some known methods too. There was a lot of great information here. Some of the code examples were difficult to see from the back of the room but they were really good examples after I downloaded them.

Antonio Peric at 11:23 on 7 Feb 2020

Amazing talk with a lot of insights and great examples of how to improve and test APIs. Well prepared, definitely intermediate/advanced talk that is useful even if you are already testing your code (and you should). Also, great opinions on how to test the code properly and what you should focus on.

Paula gave a good technical deep dive into testing with Postman and other supporting tools. The slides were detailed, the embedded videos were a good addition, and she covered a lot of ground. The pace was a little fast, and I was hoping to hear more about BDD and Behat, but overall the talk was good.

ROBERT A GADON at 12:23 on 7 Feb 2020

This was a good, well organized talk. Paula knew her subject well. I know that English is not her first language. I would have felt more engaged if she varied her speaking voice a bit more. Paula tended to speak within a narrow vocal range which became monotonous over time. Speaking with more vocal variety requires some awareness and practice to improve.

Paula did an excellent job discussing the merits and use cases of different types of testing with different technologies to give a well shaped test pyramid. I'm jealous of their test setup!