Bringing Good Design to the Table


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Intro to table design, good content. Brian should use larger text and avoid red on black. Presentation speed was airtime slow but all content was good.

I thought this was a very informative talk on database design, content was presented well. Glad to see some practical application and design alternatives provided during the talk. Nice job!

Great content with a lot of solid advice. I would recommend picking up the pace a bit in your next talk and, if its an option, standing so that everyone can see you. Overall, great talk and I would recommend it to others.

P.S. Plurals and underscores rock!

Some preference over functionality, but good info for laying out solid structures.

Maybe some more advanced problems to detailed the power of relational design.

I agree with other commented, stand up for better interaction.

Great intro to database design and useful tips for improving legacy designs.