Building OpenSky with Symfony2


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Awesome talk. So much great content on building great quality code that will significantly reduce technical debt in apps. Learned about some great libraries I didn't know about: Fabric, Ruler and statsd being the ones we could put to use straight away.

What can I say? This is like a masterclass on how to build a phenomenally-well architected system. Every few slides had another gem. Lots of examples of existing bundles and libraries (as might be expected for an open source advocate like Jon). He has a very good presentation style and explained things very clearly. There are so many things to take away from this talk, it has changed my thinking about architecting decoupled applications and using events, message queues, etc. I'm so glad I was there early and didn't miss any of it (due to the early start).

Jonathan shared some more secrets from opensky for the sake of the community. The Ruler examples and the interfaces, the usage of JMSSerializerBundle to gain the API for free, the event architecture that gets for free statistic monitoring (graphite, graphie) and independent repo database migrations, a custom tool called slice to load production data to develop, the concept of data warehouse and just the engineering of decisions put this speaker at another level. I got very good ideas to work on or to architect my systems with Jonathan.

I am slow but his speaker abilities made me understand a lot of what he was saying. Good job guyz.

Anonymous at 01:29 on 9 Feb 2013

Where are the slides?

Great talk with lots of depth from real world experience.

Great presentation and delivery! Well paced and you did well to explain how each piece fit together. Not as many people are willing to talk about their architecture like this, so props to you and OpenSky for being willing to share.

Like some others have said, the code examples could benefit from changing to use a light background and dark text. Dark color scheme seems to work OK when showing only a few lines, but the larger examples are harder to see.

Nice job. You made us proud.

The slides can be found here

great talk, there should be more talks like this!

Awesome talk! It was very interesting so see how a framework can help with all of the complex things going on in a big LAMP stack. Well delivered, and easy to understand, lots of great code examples.