Creating Realtime Applications with PHP and Websockets


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Great presentation, very thorough preparation complete with references, examples, sample code in github, etc. Information overload FTW.

Great talk, a little bit of a bummer that the demo didn't work; but it's awesome that you made your demo available. Corey knows the content and spoke very well, at times the demo got a little bit hard to follow, as it was very technical. I imagine having the code available will clarify the areas where I got a little lost. Great talk though, very interesting topic and delivered very well.

Good material, but somewhat uneven presentation. Live demos are always risky, but aside from tools to go look at I don't think we really got a sense for the moving parts we're dealing with. There were too many mentioned.

Anonymous at 13:55 on 9 Feb 2013

would have liked a demo where you could actually read and understand all the code. There was a lot of jumping around between different files, classes, and links.

Did great with the amount of information covered.

Easily could have been broken down into several sessions, but agree with other comment, info overload.

You did a great job keeping up with all the questions.

Anonymous at 13:24 on 11 Feb 2013

My favorite talk of the conference, probably because the subject interested me, and the content was at my level. I am not sure if Corey coded those 3 apps specifically for this talk, but you can tell a lot of work was put on it. Possibly the demos would have had more impact if the network access was setup correctly. Giving out small prizes for question is a great idea as well. Overall very well done.

This and Nacho's talk were hard ones for someone not familiar with non blocking io and nodejs. Basically would have loved if the speaker should have presented using the tools from reactphp that igorw worked on and not from scratch. Lots of interesting stuff though.