Database Testing for Fun and Profit


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Matthew's presentation was clear and concise. He illustrated the value of database and dataset testing. Finally, it was all backed by his vast knowledge and experience.

Informative, tech-heavy talk. He obviously had a strong grasp on the topic. Nice use of slide memes. Ended a little quickly but there were questions to fill the gap. Iron out the "ums" and keep providing talks to conferences.

I loved that Matthew removed the concepts of Database Testing and Unit Testing from each other. Great talk to get more familiar with the DBUnit extension and a good job of separating the use cases for DB testing. Ended a little early, but good info and content.

Matthew's talk served as a great intro into Database Testing with PHPUnit. It is definitely something I hope to implement in more of my projects.

Anonymous at 13:44 on 13 Feb 2013

Matthew, the link to presentation is not working.

The link works for me. Anyone else having issues?