Handling Forms Like a Ninja with Symfony2


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As always Bernhard did a great talk. The Symfony Form component seems so easy to tackle when Bernhard talks about it. I really liked the way he presentend this subject mixing theory with graphics/schemas and practical sample code. Great job!

A must see if you're a Symfony2 developer or if you expect to integrate this component into your application.

One of the best talks of the conference (so far) in my opinion. A perfect complement to the "3 Steps to Symfony Form Mastery" presentation. This was a great overview of the architecture of the forms framework and although it was presented as "Symfony-agnostic", there is much in here which will illuminate even seasoned Symfony developers.

great talk to learn not so much the how (which you can read in the doc and tutorials) but the why of forms. the title made me expect you would make *us* ninjas with forms :-)

i would have loved to see some of the more advanced things like data transformers and on the other hand, i guess less experienced people would have profited from some simple introductionary examples. (so, try to make it more clear in the title if its for advanced form users or for beginners)

the introduction about austria was absolutely hilarious, really loved it. it was rather on the long side for an intro though. we should have had lightning talks, would have been perfect for that.

Yes I did get confused with the austria of things, because Peru's flag is very similar also. The ninja cycle adapt, extend, compose, etc was indeed very good so you should have just keep it to a minimum. But the meat of the presentation was very good. I now have a bigger picture on forms and I am looking forward to put into practice what I see like a horizontal extension. Very good talk indeed!

I agree, this was one of the best talks I was able to see this past weekend. Is there any way you can make your slides available?