How Kris Writes Symfony Apps


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Very informative talk. I learnt new tricks especially about Doctrine. I like how Kris writes his Symfony applications.

Awesome talk. It was great to see quality architecture advocated with Symfony and Doctrine, despite a lot of examples around the web not following such good practices.

This was Awesome. Really great tips, really helpful. I wish this was the first talk of the conference after the keynote, instead of day2.

After seeing this presentation, it's clear why OpenSky and the Symfony community are incredibly lucky to have Kris Wallsmith (and Jon Wage). There were several "a-ha" moments, where Kris illustrated his solutions to commonly-faced architectural problems. In particular, his explanation of HTTP Land, Application Land and Persistence Land were right on the money.

very interesting talk to see the whys and hows of an expert. complements the overview talks about a specific tool very well with real world examples that would otherwise drop out as they don't exactly fit to one tool.

This presentation for me was the best one I had the opportunity to assist in the SunshinePHP conference, I saw the advantages of his way to write apps from the beginning, I was like "WOW" it makes a lot of sense. Why I couldn't think about it before? He definitely changed the way I will be writing apps from now on, the Observer pattern inside your app, thin controllers, thin entities and fat services, are the keys.
Thanks to Kris for help us with his experience and his way to write apps.

Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this presentation. It affirmed many architecture decisions I've made in past applications but also taught me a few things. I picked up a few tips on Assetic like whitelisting scanned bundles and that Twig's path() can accept a directory. I love the idea and visuals for the layering concepts. More devs need to hear about that concept.

I think the talk's content could be split into two separate presentations. First the Symfony architecture side of things (mostly the first part of your talk with various tips and some of the Event stuff) and second doing a talk specifically geared towards modeling domain code, the layers concepts, how to leverage various Doctrine listeners for specific purposes and expand on all of that with more code examples.

And total bonus points for giving away shirts! :)

My take away from this: "Go big or go home".

From the internets:
"an expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest - and not flake out."

From the Word of God (aka Bible): Ecclesiastes 9:10

I like that Kris cares and that he appreciates things. To be able to architect things means you care, things matter and are important. It is something worth and happy understanding that there is a divine trace reflecting the creator's nature yelling `He cares!` about his creatures no matter how hardships assailed us.

Encouragements back to you Kris.

It was like sitting before "House".. All he really needed to add was calling someone a moron and it would have been complete. I wish someone like him would take me under their wing and show me the right way..