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Great animated speaker and great talk about the PHP community.

Cal Evans is very motivational. His recognition of the php community and the many dedicated php contributors is uplifting and inspiring.

Beautifully captured what I love about the PHP and open source communities. Well done, sir.

Beautifully captured what I love about the PHP and open source communities. Well done, sir.

Mostly a good talk but theres a pervasive assumption that "you are only a php developer and thats all you'll ever be." Would like to have seen more encouragement to learn more langs, and go deeper into sysops.

Nicely done. I hope more folks hear and feel your call to action and get involved!

Very inspiring talk.

Yes, yes, and yes. Community FTW. Great speaker with good stage presence. Just stop rocking back and forth so much. It's distracting. :-)

This is a great talk and is very inspiring! The stories you tell of prominent members of the community rising to become giants in their niche are very relatable.

When talking about those people I'd love you to show pictures of them on their respective slides. I'm sure some in the room recognize these people by name, but seeing their photo may trigger, "Oh, I've seen them before!" type of moment.

I heard a few attendees afterward asking around for contact info for some of the people you talked about. Perhaps you could also add their public contact info (Twitter, IRC handle, etc) with their consent.

Typical Cal, very inspiring and encouraging. We're very lucky to have Cal and people like Cal in the community.

Fun and energizing talk about the PHP community. The point was driven - to contribute. While not exactly what I expected from a keynote, more of a motivational speech, I would have liked to "see" who and what was discussed.

Technical Debt - my company owes the community. Cal Evans convinced me to reach out to the local community and start to participate and see how I can repay all the awesome, !normal folks I met at this conference.

Very motivational and inspiring, get out there and repay your dept to the PHP community! Thanks Cal!

Great talk Cal! I've seen it twice now and I was inspired both times to get more involved.

Great talk, well structured and on target for a keynote. Very motivational and a superb call to action!