Outside the Bubble


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Awesome talk by Keith. Very inspiring.

Awesome keynote on the possibilities of projects that developers could be working on that are not necessarily the "next sexy app", but that will be profitable & help some one do something better.

Very inspiring Great speaker.

Keith encouraged me to step even further outside my comfort zone, very inspiring! Great talk

probably the most inspiring talk i've seen to date

Wow, thanks everyone.

If there's anything you think I could/should have done better or differently that would have been more useful, please feel free to drop me a note: keith @ caseysoftware.com

Entertaining talk :)

Great talk by Keith! Reminds us as developers that there are a lot of unsolved problems out there that need our creativity.

Amazing talk, Keith. I hope everyone really thinks about what you presented. My hunch is, it won't quite hit them until a year or two later. I'm still thinking about it, for sure.

Oh, and thanks for adding our unicorn. I bet most people were like, WAT???

I think it was a great talk. My takeaway is go to the construction industry. :)