PHP Jeopardy (Happy Hour)


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Very fun despite the technical hiccups, though more rounds and maybe a playoff between the individual round winners might have made for more extended fun.

Jeopardy is always hilarious. The questions always make me laugh, and the others are educational. I wonder if you open-sourced the code if the community could help fix any of the crash issues, or improve it in some way. Maybe to find a solution for the buzzer functionality... like allow people to connect to the game via a browser/app and buzz in that way. But the crowd picking the person who raised their hand first adds a bit to the fun and involvement factor.

Kudos to the Jeopardy king!

Adam Culp encouraged me to play and i'm really glad he did, it was a ton of fun. If you have a chance to play, DO IT!

This was a blast to do. Fun as a participant and fun in the audience. Few tech issues but they weren't a significant distraction. Highly recommended.