PHPUnit Best Practices


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This presentation gave good examples of testing PHP code with examples that make the process easier.

Good coverage of PHPUnit best practices.

I liked your talk, you went over the clarification of concepts we already use, and then later on you were over to how you were running parallel tests. To know the history of features of phpunit is very helpful to understand the background and usage of things, so for this i give you 5. I wish you could have bring more detail to other usages, for instance the higher classes for testing. You also referred to me the documentation for extending PHPUnit assetions with custom assertions, however the documentation was not enough, I had to find this link and even then it is not so simple to do for me.

I also asked you a question about whether to use composer's autoload into the phpunit and about the best practice for structure of folders test if at which level root of inside the namespace. However I did not understood.

Very informative presentation. Covered all the important stuff and some of the history of phpunit too.

Funny and informative talk about unit testing.

Excellent, entertaining, and very informative talk from the creator of PHPUnit.

i enjoyed the talk, was interesting to hear how phpunit came to be what it is today

Great job on complex ideas.

Thanks for the information!

After this presentation I will improve my use of PHPUnit, good talk!!!

Very insightful and helpful tips on getting the most out of PHPUnit.

Great talk and greatly appreciated. I've got a bunch of great notes from this talk that I'll start using regularly.