Replication with MySQL


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great walkthrough of replication.

Great talk, a very clearly laid out and practical walk through of MySQL Replication. As someone who hasn't been all that familiar with replication, I now feel like I have a good practical understanding of what's going on. Excellent mix of practical and technical! Very well done!

Anonymous at 13:39 on 9 Feb 2013

Great talk and perfectly pitched at audience.

Anonymous at 15:07 on 9 Feb 2013

Very good talk!

@Lig did a great presentation of replication followed by an interactive walk-through of how to set up both asynchronous as well as semi-synchronous replication using MySQL. Even the Oracle pitches were tactfully sprinkled in without disturbing the rest of the presentation. Well done!

Great intro to replication

Ligaya did a great job of clearly explaining things to make sure everyone was on the same page, and then walking us step by step in setting up a replicating server configuration.