Step By Step: Making a Website Fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI


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Perhaps the talk should have been titled "Making a 'Symfony' Website Fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI". I had a couple of friends who don't use Symfony and were kind of lost during certain parts.

Dry and information packed -- my favorite kind of presentation! Would've liked more cat pics in between sections though.

I did learn about performance tools that can potentially used during development of new pages along with the analysis of existing sites.

I really liked the practical examples and code shown in this talk. It was helpful to learn more about why you do things and what kind of impact it can make. One suggestion would be to make the code samples a little larger on the slides so they are easier to read.

Good material which was generally well-presented (if a little flat). Code examples were useful.

Anonymous at 13:45 on 9 Feb 2013

Good information, well presented, but very bland presentation.

Enjoyed the bits about Assetic and Varnish.

I think I had seen it before but this time I got more information from the speaker himself. The things will become useful once things are really required, not there yet.

Good talk, excellent technical material, could get a bit more excited when you improve the performance nearly 10X with small tweaks, that is great information about performance tuning!

I would recommend to others.