Symfony2 + EmberJS for fun and profit


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Anonymous at 10:18 on 10 Feb 2013

The talk was ok, but there were a bit too many technologies going on in one place which made it a little hard to follow.

This seemed by much more geared towards ember than symfony, so at the least, the title was misleading. That being said, the talk was well presented and had good use of code examples.

I came for the Ember.js part and it was a bit difficult to understand it all. That said, I probably shouldn't have expected an "intro to Ember.js" talk. You had a lot of great content, but it was probably better suited for a tutorial based on how much you wanted to cover and the time you had to do it. Truly ambitious though, which is why I think it deserves 4 thumbs.

Great topic, great material, probably better as a tutorial, just too much information and technology for a 45 min talk or presentation.

Good presentation and would recommend topic as a tutorial for developers.