Twig Tips and Tricks


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One word: WoW! Your talk blew my mind! I learnt new advanced tricks I have never heard about before. I really like the slides and the way you presented your subject. Great talk!

Felt slightly rushed or that there wasn't enough content to fill the allotted space, but the content that was there was very useful.

There were some gems here, but I felt the presentation was very rushed. There was a lot of content crammed into 35 minutes, so it was difficult to take it all in. It will be nice to see the slides of this so that I can go through it again at a slower pace.

Learned a lot in a short amount of time -- the slides would be great to have

Anonymous at 15:29 on 8 Feb 2013

Excellent talk

a really excellent talk. i would put the word "Advanced" somewhere into the title to avoid confusion. i think the talk is too much for somebody who just started with twig and hoped to better understand how twig works and learn some dos and don'ts. but for me personally this talk was great, i have quite some experience with twig but a lot of the things you showed i never have seen that consise or did not know about them.

It was a big talk from Javier, the content went really deep into twig, I just have to spend now days to absorb what he presented in less than one hour, interesting talk, absolutely advanced presentation.

Fantastic talk. I will definitely be looking through this information more in the future. It was super face-paced, but I was (just barely) able to keep up anyway (even with the non-English accent). Letting people know up front you'll be covering some advanced topics and going quickly may help set expectations.

Great content, even if some of the advice is abusing Twig and doing too much work in the View layer. I'm glad you prefaced those sections with CAUTION statements. As others said, pacing was a bit fast for how advanced the talk was, but will be easy to review with slides.

Great talk. Learned several things about Twig that I didn't know!