The biggest barrier to building my personal website and starting blogging is the initial friction. It takes a good while to learn your way around, configure, set up and style a CMS, deployment platform or your own website.

What if you could start a timer and in under 5 minutes flat you could have a minimum viable website, your first deployable increment, good enough for you to go live and start comfortably blogging, but infinitely expandable, into a full fledged site or even a SAAS? In 5 mins, you could build your mate a site. In 5 mins, you could have your long mused dev blog. And every hour you spent thereafter would just add value. You're off.

That was the challenge I set myself. I'll demo, against the clock, a CLI wrapper I wrote around the Laravel Wink microCMS. If you know Laravel, not only should you be ready to go live in 5 mins, but you will also instantly know what to do next to refine or expand it


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Shaun Forsyth at 19:29 on 13 Jan 2021

Interesting idea, respect the work.. However I feel the market (plugins) around wordpress and integration for facebook and twitter would just make this alot easier for me at least.

Pretty sure I could bootstrap the tools needed to up WP in docker less than 5 minutes.

Thanks you for you work though, just not for me.

David Lumm at 19:33 on 13 Jan 2021

An entertaining talk and a great tool. As with others I spent a little while getting my personal site "just so". It took me a little while to get going. And I cheated, I used jekyll and github pages 😬

I think the talk went a little over 10 minutes, but I could be wrong. If it did I think the preamble could've been a little shorter, I don't think the demo could've been much quicker!

One thing, I don't think the link to github or whatever was shared, it would've been great to include that at the end of the talk. Hopefully won't be hard to find though!