Symfony2 Best Practices from the trenches


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The talk was ok, but I think as an advanced SF2 user, there wasn't much news in here. At the same time it was too abstract for anyone not familiar with SF2 in my opinion. Therefor imho the talk would be stronger if it would target a specific audience: either people never exposed to SF2 and want to learn about some of the cool things you can do with it (the configurable DIC should be an easy sell), OR focus on advanced SF2 users where you show RL solutions to RL problems (how to deal with cross bundle dependencies, config overloading, how to integrate REST, Runtime configurable Doctrine Resolving to name a few).

The Dependancy Injection Principle example and explanation could use some work. The example given broke several SOLID rules, all which have little to do with DI itself. I also feel like it you could underline more how amazing it is that SF2 does the dependency resolution (and therefor injection) automatically for you if you configure it correctly. This is highlighted even more if you adhere to the ' everything is a service' in symfony philosophy.

Not trying to give you an hard time, As said the talk itself was ok. I just think it go from "good" to "great" with a little tweaking.