Build that Phing!


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My rating of 3 thumbs up has to do with the content more than Ricks speaking ability, so I'll try to separate those in my comment:

The Phing project is not for me. I understand what does and where it came from, but there are better tools out there to run tasks. The fact that it's written in PHP could be found a pro as well as a con, and I really don't like programming in XML (more advanced topic). I would not want to see other talks about Phing. 2 thumbs up.

Rick has a reasonably relaxed stance, and is able to deliver the step by step build-up of explaining the Phing project. Sometimes, I found his speech a little too hasty - but he did his talk in dutch and het admitted later that his english is better. I would like to see more talks by Rick, on other subjects. 4 thumbs up.