The Naked Bundle


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Interesting view on portability and what's (really) necessary in a bundle.
Even if I don't think we *really* need such portability, it's like the hypothetical switch of RDBMS possible thanks to ORM but no one ever does it eventually.
I must confess the MAJOR + side would be to gather different php communities to build bundle/module/package together and that would really benefit maintenance and quality extensions across symfony/silex, drupal & laravel for starters ;)
As commented, it looks like PHP went from crapy 'require' approach with huge library folder => convention and xml 'à la java' which also make it more "business" compliant => back to libraries ;)

Interesting talk on how to create bundles that can be reused in other frameworks (besides Symfony2). Only rely on the basic components of the framework that are shared between different frameworks (HttpFoundation), remove some Sf2 specific sugar coating and move your business logic into a library for easier reuse. Not suitable for every bundle of course.