Application Security, Dependency Injection, and AOP in Symfony2


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interesting but too sticky to the documentation pages... I expected something "more"

Very interesting subject and a lot of great stuff presented. However, slides were too busy and there was simply too much information given. I'd rather see part of it better explained rahter than all of it only outlined.

I came to the talk to hear about the general options and capabilities of the security component so I really enjoyed the presentation. Yes, not really for people who just wanted examples.

A very well presented overview, with some useful examples that provided a good look at the security component.

Anonymous at 22:49 on 6 Mar 2011

Nice talk, but I was there mostly for the AOP part, so I was quite disappointed to find out that only the security part would be covered. The talk value per se was more than 2/5, but the overall vote reflects the above statement.

I was also hoping to hear about AOP (as hinted in the proposal), so the fact that it wasn't covered/mentioned at all was very unfortunate.

As for the remaining overview of the Security component, the concepts presented closely followed Fabien's original introduction during Symfony Day 2010 (in Cologne), but with more technical examples. The above comment is right on in that this stayed very close to the online documentation, but I believe the Twig presentation did as well. That was probably appropriate for the target audience (most were probably seeing this for the first time).

Was interested in the theory / concept presented, but the technical side seemed too much too quickly, with a significant amount of assumed prior knowledge. Struggled to follow. Doesn't mean the talk wasn't good - with 500 in the audience you can't tick everyones box - but wasn't a highlight for me.