Contributing with Git : Reducing the frictions of Open Source collaboration with the Git VCS


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Entertaining and fully packed of informations and insight!

Excellent delivery, well structured talk.

Insanely great talk by excelent pro.

As always Scott delivers an excellent talk about git and why it works great for open source. Excellent speaker and talk!

This guy has charisma! Great speaker.
Covered a few things I didn't know about in git which is great as I use it every day.
Slides really supported the material and had some funny moments.

Very entertaining and I loved that Scott addressed common questions during his presentation and well before Q&A, such as the rebase vs. merge argument. The random git command-line tips were also hidden gems of this talk (such as the "^" operator before a branch name for more concise diff reports).

Great talk. Good to get a little more than the usual 'git how-to' with some info on the internals as well as less known use cases and operations. I use git by default, but the guy I was at the conference with has never used it. Yet we both found the talk good. That's an achievement!