Don't use a screw when you need a nail


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nice collection of tools. good to be reminded from time to time that these exist!

You were dynamic, your talk was ok, but there is things you can improve ;)

- I was confortable with nearly all the tools you talked about, but i'm thinking about thoses who are not. and i think they probably didn't learned anything usefull as they still dont know why SolR and not (MyIsam + fulltext) or why continuous integration over nothing etc... so maybe you should focus on less things and deeper ?
- You said that if someone do not like webservices, he can use Xapian because there is a pecl extension. Since not so long, there is as well a SolR pecl extension.

Anyway the good point is you are a good speaker so keep going, good luck for the next talks man. and i hope your wife recived some tweets like you said ;)

Interesting php industrialization tips & common sense reminders.

Good one Stefan!
Nice to have talks covering less 'obvious' area.
Good to push people to look at other solutions.

I found this talk helpful. Good to have a go-to list of recommended tools for a wide range of situations. A bit more detail on pros and cons of each would have been nice as some only got a very brief recommendation / non-recommendation with little justification (e.g. Redmine), but not sure where that would have left you for time.

Delivery was very good, as was the selection of tools mentioned throughout the slides. At a few points, it felt like we were reading a "top ten X" blog post, as Stefan worked through the tools one by one. To combat that, I'd suggest: stories ("I had some problem and here's how I decided between using tools X, Y and Z to solve it"); slides comparing multiple tools at once (rather than enumerating through the tools).