HTTP Cache


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surprised that this was not at all Symfony2 specific. however it was very (!) informative and even enlightening.

The way the Symfony2 presentation was supposed to be done! Will definitely try to use in a Symfony 1.4 project.

Even though I have spent quite some time looking at the HTTP/1.1 specification lately, I still managed to learn tonight.

I would have loved to hear what Fabien thinks of the "Proxy Cache" v.s. "Compression of the Content" problematic, as I still don't really know which to favor myself ;)

Great talk! Thx!

Already red the slides 78.000 times, but in persone the talk is still *so* good.

Damn good talk ! i learned and i'm happy and now i have to read the http bis specification that i admit i never heard about that before.
Keep going.

As always Fabien delivers a great talk!

Not at all Symfony2 specific, however, a usefull reminder, illustrated by sensible diagrams.

An important topic to have covered, and very well presented.
We can all learn from this!